About Me

Hi there,
I am Cees Hoogerheide,

Till 2004 I was a entrepreneur. Then I was eight years managing director at an IT company. Besides managing the company I got a lot of satisfaction out of creating, deploying and executing marketing.

During that period, I saw old school marketing evolve into social media marketing.

In private I am father of two daughters and a son. Grandpa of seven granchildren. If I am not on a mission for Pum (the first one is coming up), I search and I devour everything that has to do with social media. I like to travel and I am an avid petanque player.

About my blog

Through this blog I ventilate news, tips and 'know how' in relation to the use of social media for small businesses and associations. But the aspects of catering and organization of events are not forgotten. 
Moreover, I leave everything to loose what keeps me going.
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